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Career/Personality Tests

These assessments are designed to be used with older students. They provides students with opportunities to do advanced career exploration. The Career Direct is great for Grades 8 adult and gives an immediate report online. The Interest Explorer is for Grades 9 -12 and only available machine scored when an Iowa ITED achievement test is given.

This test is done online in about 55 minutes and you get an immediate 30 page or so report which you can print out. You can also access other career information and the report for 1 year!


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Interest Explorer
The Interest Explorer is a career guidance and counseling instrument designed to help students make wise educational and career-planning decisions. Specifically, it provides information about students' interests in 14 career areas that are directly linked to the most recent publications of the Department of Labor, including the Guide for Occupational Exploration (GOE). Using the GOE's system of organization, the career areas defined by the Interest Explorer were formed on the basis of similarity of work activities and educational requirements.

Must be done in conjunction with the Iowa test high school level 15-18.

Can only be purchased by homeschool or small private school (enrollment under 250 or else email us).

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