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For K-12 and Homeschool information click the button above. From there you can find information and resources and articles to assist you in your homeschooling journey or you can order these tests online: Iowa, Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), Woodcock-Johnson, BASI, Brigance, career assessments like Interest Explorer, and DSST college credit exams.  For K-12 tutoring, SAT or ACT Prep classes, writing evaluations, or homeschool consultations, please contact us.

Achievement: all K - 12: BASI, Brigance, Iowa, Woodcock-Johnson III, Stanford, TerraNova2(CAT/6)

Cognitive/Ability: CogAT, OLSAT

Practice Tests: Iowa Short Practice Test, Iowa Long Practice Test, Stanford, TerraNova2(CAT/6), CogAT/OLSAT

Career Assessments: Interest Explorer (Gr 9 – 12), Strong, MyersBrigg

College Credit: DSST – 38 exams!, CLEP - 33 exams!, CLEP Practice Tests


For Licensure and Certification, and College Credit information click the button above. Triangle Assessments provides over 1000 certification and licensure tests for candidates who are motivated to take control of their occupations and career paths! We also provide 38 tests that provide college credits at nearly 2000 colleges. The credits never expire either!

Online & Distance Proctoring

College Credit: DSST – 38 exams!, CLEP - 33 exams!, CLEP Practice Tests, NOCTI - 119 exams!

Graduate School Admission Tests: MAT

Certification & Licensure: CaMLA, Castleworldwide, Certiport, Comira-CATS, ESCO, ETA, iNARTE, Kyterion, McCann, MPRE, Pan, Prov

Career Assessments: HR Solutions, Strong, MyersBrigg

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