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Grade/Level: Grade 5/ Level C $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 6/ Level D $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 7/ Level E $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 8/ Level F $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 9/ Level F $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 10/ Level G $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 11/ Level G $30.00
Grade/Level: Grade 12/ Level H $30.00
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The CogAT® (Cognitive Abilities Test®)

***Iowa tests and CogAT tests do NOT have to have a BA degree during this pandemic! Just put "Covid" on the Test Admin form if it pops up during ordering.***

Test Type:Nationally Standardized Cognitive Abilities Test, multiple choice, fill-in-the-bubble
Purpose: To measure and learn about students’ general and specific reasoning abilities: To assess students’ abilities in reasoning and problem solving using verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal (spatial) symbols.
Grades: 2-12 (All grades can test together.) (Child must be at least 81 months old at time of testing.)
Time: Approximately 145 minutes
Scoring: Machine (Mar–July or if 15+ tests are ordered) and Handscoring (no minimum order) for Quick Results year round. (Sample Machine Score Report) (Sample Online Supplemental Strategies CogAT Report)
Recommendations: Take it every two or three years
Administrator Requirements: B.A. or B.S. degree
Restrictions: Can only be purchased by homeschool or small private school (enrollment under 250 or else email us).

What is the CogAT?
The Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT) is a widely used group administered ability test. First developed and published in 1954 as the Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence test, it has been revised several times over the years. It is often used to identify gifted students and helps the parent understand their children’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and learning styles. These tests can be administered by someone with at least a BA degree.  Free Report for Parents (click here). 
What is tested on the CogAT?
The assessment consists of three batteries which measure three reasoning abilities: sequential reasoning, inductive reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. 
  • Verbal Reasoning
    • verbal classification
    • sentence completion
    • verbal analogies
  • Figural Reasoning
    • figure classification
    • figure analogies
    • figure analysis
  • Quantitative Reasoning
    • quantitative relationships
    • number series
    • equation building
Handscoring: Year round for $25.  Will be emailed within 2 weeks.
Machine Scoring: Will be emailed to you within 6 - 8 weeks from the date you return all testing materials. 

Supplemental Multi-page Instructions and Strategies Report!
An interactive website ( can be accessed after doing the CogAT so that you can print out a report of teaching tips tailored especially to your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses. (Sample Online Supplemental Strategies CogAT Report)

Group Discounts: Group tests must be ordered by one person 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Results will be shipped to that person to distribute to the group.

For Group Testing or Additional Administration Books
One (1) Administrator Directions Book will be sent with your order. If you need additional administration books, please click here. (All grades can test together.)
CogAT/OLSAT Practice Test
The practice test for the CogAT and OLSAT is available for grades 2 – 12. This short practice test gives students an idea of what to expect on test day and it will increase their confidence in taking either the CogAT or OLSAT test. A few practice questions are given as examples of the types of questions on the CogAT and OLSAT and answers are provided in the Directions for Administration manual. Students actually practice bubbling in their answers and the Directions for Administration manual contains script similar to that on the actual tests. The practice tests are untimed.  Click here for more about the CogAT/OLSAT Practice Test.
Watch a training video on how to administer standardized tests.
Quick (8 minute) Administrator Training Video
ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING VIDEO - Understanding and Giving Standardized Tests

Orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance of the test date desired or you can pay for rush shipping and put the date desired in the comments section when checking out.

Can only be purchased by homeschool or small private school (enrollment under 250 or else email us). All test materials remain the property of Triangle Assessments and must be returned in good condition. The CogAT is non-refunable. (Practice tests are yours to keep.)

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