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BASI (Basic Achievement Skills Inventory)


Price: $65.00
Grade Price Quantity
Grade 3 - Level 1 $65.00
Grade 4 - Level 1 $65.00
Grade 5 - Level 2 $65.00
Grade 6 - Level 2 $65.00
Grade 7 - Level 3 $65.00
Grade 8 - Level 3 $65.00
Grade 9 - Level 4 $65.00
Grade 10 - Level 4 $65.00
Grade 11 - Level 4 $65.00
Grade 12 - Level 4 $65.00


BASI (Basic Achievement Skills Inventory)

Test type:
Nationally Standardized Achievement Test, multiple choice, computer administrated in our Apex, NC office.
Purpose: The BASI™ (Basic Achievement Skills Inventory) Comprehensive version is convenient to use, broad in coverage, and well suited to group or individual administration to yield achievement norms, strengths and weaknesses.
Grades: 3-12 The test can be given to a group. There are four levels, corresponding to grades, these are:
  • Level 1 for grades 3–4
  • Level 2 for grades 5–6
  • Level 3 for grades 7–8
  • Level 4 for grades 9–12
Time: Approximately 2 Hours
Scoring: Year Round by computer immediately after testing. (View Sample Machine Score Report)
Accommodations: The BASI test is done on a computer in our office. Each section is timed. There are very few accommodations, so please call us if your student has any special needs.
Norms: 2002-03 school- year, students and adults
  • Fall norms: Aug. 1 - Dec. 31
  • Spring norms: Jan. 1 - July 31
Administrator Requirements: None

What is the BASI?
The BASI helps present a complete evaluation of academic skills. This convenient test yields standard scores, national percentile rankings, grade equivalencies, age equivalencies and performance classifications by learning objectives - without requiring lengthy testing.

What is Assessed with the BASI?
The comprehensive test is comprised of six timed subtests:
  • Vocabulary (10 minutes)
  • Spelling (10 minutes)
  • Language Mechanics (10 minutes)
  • Reading Comprehension (30 minutes)
  • Math Computation (20 minutes)
  • Math Application (35 minutes)
Group Discounts: 4 or more students signing up together: $5 off each test

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