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CogAT/OLSAT Practice - Student Book Only


Price: $6.00


The practice test for the CogAT and OLSAT is available for grades 2–12. This short practice test gives students an idea of what to expect on test day and it will increase their confidence in taking either the CogAT or OLSAT test. A few practice questions are given as examples of the types of questions on the CogAT and OLSAT.

(Answers are provided in the Directions for Administration manual, therefore, order the CogAT/OLSAT Practice - Kit for your first student and this item for additional students.)

Students actually practice bubbling in their answers.

Available Levels:
  • One level for Grades 2-12 (Corresponds to Levels A-H on CogAT and Levels C-G on OLSAT) (student book is 13 pages)
PLEASE NOTE: Practice tests are non-returnable, non-refundable, non-refundable and shipped prior to the actual tests (depending on the test date).

Can only be purchased by homeschool or small private school. Practice materials are non-refundable.

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