We can do the Woodcock-Johnson by zoom anywhere in the nation. Iowa and CogAT testers do NOT need to have a BA degree during this pandemic! The office will be closed July 13-18. All tests need to be done by Aug. 1st and back in our office by Aug. 15th in order to get machine scored for the 2019-2020 school year.

High School Diploma


Price: $25.00


For Homeschool Students Only - This diploma comes in a beautiful navy blue, high-quality linen paper stock folder frame with a gold embossed crest. When ordering, please include the following in the comments: Student's Full Name, School Name, School City and State, and Date of Graduation (month, day, and year).

Click here to view a sample.

Priority Shipping is included in the price to help protect this valuable document.

Note: Triangle Education Assessments, LLC prints this diploma with no claims that a state's homeschooling laws were met or course of study was completed.