We can do the Woodcock-Johnson by zoom. Iowa and CogAT administrators do NOT need to have a BA degree during this pandemic. Fall norms are now in place. If you still need spring norms, order an Iowa or TerraNova test and order handscoring.

Scoring High on the Stanford (SAT/10) - Kit


Price: $35.00


This practice test system has a format very similar to the actual Stanford Achievement Test (SAT/10) with a complete practice test.

Kit – Student Book with Teacher Book
Additional Student Books can be purchased separately here.

The teacher book is scripted similar to the SAT/10 Directions for Administration books so teachers get practice in how to give a nationally standardized achievement test.

The student book has a complete practice test with bubbles to fill in, and it is multiple choice like the Iowa test. This practice will aid both student and teacher to know what skills and subjects to expect in taking the Iowa test, and gives confidence in test taking and reduces anxiety.

This practice test corresponds to the most recent version of the Stanford test and is over 80 pages.

Grades 1-8. Each grade has it's own student book and teacher book.

PLEASE NOTE: Practice tests are non-returnable, non-refundable, and shipped prior to the actual tests (depending on the test date).

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