We schedule WJ in person or by zoom. Stanford, CogAT, OLSAT, and Iowa are available by paper or online. Iowa and CogAT administrators do NOT need to have a BA degree during this pandemic. If you want materials quickly, then please select PRIORITY SHIPPING. (Media rate shipping takes 10+ business days.) The office is closed for the holidays and NO ONLINE Testing will take place 12/26/22 - 1/6/23.

The Woodcock-Johnson, WJIV, and WIIIP (All ages)


Price: $100.00


The Woodcock-Johnson®, WJNU, WJIV, and WIIIP (Ages 4-94)

Test Type: Nationally Standardized Achievement Test. One-on-one with a test administrator. NOT multiple choice. Some of the test is oral, and some is written. Usually 9 tests are given and only the 3 Fluency tests are timed. (Zoom can only be done with the WJ IV.)
Purpose: To measure the skills and achievement of students of all ages in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and the optional tests of Social Studies, Science, and Humanities.
Ages: All Ages
Time: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
Scoring: Computerized report immediately after testing, plus 15 minute consultation (sample WJ III machine score and instructional strategies report, sample age grade profile report, sample parent report, sample score report with academic knowledge)
Norms: WJ IV Copyright 2014, WJ III 2007
Recommendations: Take it every year
Administrator Requirements: Must be done in our Raleigh/Durham, NC area offices by our trained testers or by zoom.

What is a Woodcock-Johnson® test?
A “Basic” Woodcock-Johnson® achievement test package is sufficient for many home school and private school state requirements for an annual nationally standardized achievement test. (Refer to www.hslda.org for your state's requirements.) It can be done any month of the year and requires a specially trained administrator.  The “Basic” WJ® achievement package includes 9 tests, which evaluate reading, written language and math and takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. You will receive a report and consultation immediately following the test session.

Click here to view a list of tests on a Woodcock-Johnson Basic Achievement Assessment.
Click here to view a sample report and the list of tests on a WJIV Basic Achievement Assessment.

  • Meets most state’s home school annual test requirements
  • Used for many Gifted Program inclusion requirements
  • Great for all ages, especially young children
  • Great for poor or non-readers
  • Great for ADHD children
  • Immediate test results
  • Fraction of the time of other achievement tests
  • Not fill-in-the bubble
  • One-on-one with administrator
  • Can be done any month of the year
  • Add on the Intervention and Teaching Strategies Report!
  • Our consultations can help you decide curriculum
Group Testing: Get group discounts! For Group Woodcock-Johnson testing in your area, please email us for travel reimbursement details and other information.

Extended Tests and Report Options are Available:
  • *If ordered, the Academic Knowledge Test in WJ III or WJ IV assesses science, social studies and humanities. One combined score is given if the WJIII is used. The WJ IV reports science, social studies and humanities as separate scores. These are recommended for middle and high schoolers and children strong in those areas.
  • 22 tests comprise the whole achievement battery. We can use the other tests to further investigate achievement strengths and weaknesses if needed.
  • The WJIII Comprehensive Instructional Strategies Report contains intervention and teaching strategies if your student’s scores are below average. You can choose to add this after your test session and can pay for this at your appointment or later during the year. View WIIIP Sample Report. (This extra report is only available when WJIII, an an older version of the WJ is performed, and cannot be done by Zoom.)

Important Note:
We will email you an appointment confirmation.
Please complete the student registration form and e-mail it back to us before your test day.

The deposit ($50) is for ½ half the basic in-person WJ session (which is $100 unless extended time is needed). The balance will be due upon arrival. Teh deposit is lost if you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to testing. We usually are booked 4 - 6 weeks in advance.