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The TerraNova2 (CAT/6) Complete Plus (Grades K-12)


Price: $85.00
Grade Price Quantity
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr K/Lvl 10 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 1/Lvl 11 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Survey Gr 2/Lvl 12 $85.00
Grade/ Level: Iowa Gr 3/Lvl 9 - Form A $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 4/Lvl 14 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 5/Lvl 15 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 6/Lvl 16 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 7/Lvl 17 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 8/Lvl 18 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 9/Lvl 19 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 10/Lvl 20 $85.00
Grade/ Level: TerraNova Gr 11-12/Lvl 21-22 $85.00
  • Buy 25 - 40 and get an additional $2.00 off
  • Buy 41 - 65 and get an additional $4.00 off
  • Buy 66 - 100 and get an additional $6.00 off


The TerraNova2 (CAT/6) Complete Plus (Grades K-12)

*Iowa practice materials can be used to prepare your student for testing with the TerraNova.  Since TerraNova tests are out of print you can order Iowa tests or the TerraNova Survey for any grades that are out of stock.*  

Test Type:
Nationally Standardized Achievement Test, multiple choice, fill-in-the-bubble
Purpose: To measure the skills and achievement of students in grades K-12 in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and the optional tests of Social Studies, and Science.
Grades: K-12 (Grades 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12 can test at the same time). Grades K – 3 have consumable books
Time: Approximately 2 - 5.5 hours over 2 - 5 days View/Print a Sample 2-Day Testing Schedule
Scoring: Handscoring Only (no minimum order) year round (Sample Handscore Report)
Norms: 2005
  • Spring norms: Mar. 1 - Aug. 1 (We must receive the materials by Aug. 15)
  • Fall norms: Aug. 1 - Dec. 1 (We must receive the materials by Dec. 15)
  • Winter norms: Dec. 1 - Feb. 29 (We must receive the materials by Mar. 15)
Recommendations: Take it every year
Administrator Requirements: no degree required
Restrictions: None

What is Tested on the TerraNova2 Tests? 
Reading and Language Arts (Grades K-12)
Mathematics (Grades K-12)
Science (Grades 1-12)
Social Studies (Grades 1-12)
Word Analysis (Grades 1-3)
Vocabulary (Grades 1-12)
Spelling (Grades 2-12)
Language Mechanics (Grades 2-12)
Mathematics Computation (Grades 1-12)

Handscoring: Available year round for quick results. Will be emailed within 2 weeks. 

Group Discounts:
Group tests must be ordered by one person 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Results will be shipped to that person to distribute to the group.

For Group Testing or Additional Administration Books
One Directions for Administration book per test group is automatically sent with your order (Gr K/Lvl 10, Gr 1/Lvl 11, Gr 2/Lvl 12, Gr 3/Lvl 13, Gr 4-5 Lvl 14/15, Gr 6-8/Lvl 16-18, and Grade 9-12/Level 19-22). If you need additional administration books click here.

Scoring High
This practice test system has a format very similar to the actual TerraNova2 test with a complete practice test. Click here for more about Scoring High.

Watch a training video on how to administer standardized tests. (optional for TerraNova Administrators)
Quick (8 minute) Administrator Training Video
ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING VIDEO - Understanding and Giving Standardized Tests

Orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance of the test date desired or you can pay for rush shipping and put the date desired in the comments section when checking out.

Can be purchased by homeschool or private school (on school letterhead) or public school (on school letterhead).  All test materials remain the property of Triangle Assessments and must be returned in good condition. (Practice tests are yours to keep.)

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