We schedule WJ in person or by zoom. Stanford, CogAT, OLSAT, and Iowa are available by paper or online. Iowa and CogAT administrators do NOT need to have a BA degree during this pandemic. If you want materials quickly, then please select PRIORITY SHIPPING. (Media rate shipping takes 10+ business days.)


Please email us at info@triangleed.com to schedule testing, group testing, proctoring, curriculum consultations, or other services. Please let us know what part of the state you are in, what services you are interested in, if there is a particular consultant/test administrator you would prefer to work with, and if you prefer a home or office setting. We will try to honor requests as best as we can.

Debbie Thompson

Debbie is Director of Triangle Education Assessments and received a BA (cum laude) in Psychology from Wake Forest University and a Master of Arts (summa cum laude) in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was a Sr. Research Associate for 5 years in clinical trials, a consultant for the Wake County Public School System for 9 years and started Triangle Education Assessments in 2000. She is an experienced tutor, and trained to conduct Woodcock-Johnson  Achievement and Cognitive tests. She is a distributor for Achievement tests: The Iowa Tests®, Stanford Tests®, Brigance, BASI, TerraNova®; and Cognitive Tests CogAT and OLSAT. Triangle Education Assessments also distributes career inventories, abilities tests, and practice tests. Debbie loves to encourage families and to help all children know that they are uniquely and wonderfully made. She tests with the Woodcock-Johnson test, provides group testing and proctoring services, does consultations, speaks to homeschool groups and resides in Apex, NC, near Raleigh. To schedule a test session or consultation, or to purchase or schedule other tests, e-mail her at director@triangleed.com.