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The Woodcock-Johnson, WJIV


To schedule a Woodcock Johnson Test, please read the information under "Test Packages" below and then click to complete and submit your WJIV registration form. You will have the choice of selecting a specific test administrator or allowing us to match you according to your needs. Once we receive your registration form, we will contact you via email or phone to confirm the details and provide an invoice.


The Woodcock-Johnson® (Ages 4-94)

What is a Woodcock-Johnson® test?
A “Basic” Woodcock-Johnson® achievement test package is sufficient for North Carolina's home school and private school state requirements for an annual nationally standardized achievement test. (Refer to for your state's requirements.) It can be done any month of the year and requires a specially trained administrator.  The “Basic” WJ® achievement package includes 9 tests, which evaluate reading, written language and math and takes about 2 hours including the consultation. You will receive a report and consultation immediately following the test session.

Test Type:
Nationally Standardized Achievement Test. Combination of oral and written responses. This is NOT a multiple choice test.  Mostly untimed.
Purpose: To measure the skills and achievement of students of all ages in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics and the optional tests of Social Studies, Science, and Humanities. Extended tests can help determine areas of struggle in learning to read.
Ages: All Ages
Time: Approximately 2 hours (including the consultation) 
Scoring: Results and 15 minute consultation provided immediately after testing (sample profile report, sample score report)
Norms: WJ IV Copyright 2014
Administrator Requirements: One-on-one with a qualified test administrator.  Meet our administrators.
Location:  Tests are administered in the home office of our test administrators in  Apex, Fuquat-Varina, and Holly Springs.
Request an appointment: Please click and submit your WJIV Registration form.  Use the information below to determine the package you want.  The WJ Basic Assessment meets NC's requirements for standardized testing.

Test Packages: 

WJ Basic Assessment $95

Includes test administration and 15 minute consultation/review of scores. Nine subtests measure reading, writing and math achievement. Total appointment time is around 2 hours. Satisfies North Carolina's homeschool standardized testing requirement.

WJ Basic Extended $120  (Several options to meet your individual needs)

Request more testing time for slow testers
Request 30 extra minutes of consultation time for additional questions
Add 3-4 extra tests to help pinpoint areas of struggle in reading
Add Academic Knowledge for your Middle/High School Student (Science, Social Studies, and Humanities)

WJ Basic with Supplemental Packages $150

Package #1 Academic - Specifically designed for middle and high school students to help parents determine if their student is developing the skills necessary for post-high school academic work. In addition to the Basic test this package includes science, social studies, humanities, reading vocabulary, reading recall, editing, and number matrices.

Package #2 Comprehensive Reading - Developed for the student struggling with reading, this assessment evaluates skills in the areas of the five components of reading instruction to accurately determine the student’s reading level and help parents develop targeted teaching strategies.

Click here to view a sample report and the list of tests on a WJIV Basic Achievement Assessment.

  • Meets NC's home school and private school annual test requirements
  • Used for many Gifted Program inclusion requirements
  • Great for all ages, especially young children
  • Great for poor or non-readers
  • Great for children with short attention spans
  • Immediate test results
  • Fraction of the time of other achievement tests
  • Not fill-in-the bubble
  • One-on-one with administrator
  • Can be done any month of the year
  • Our consultations can help you decide curriculum

Important Note:

Please complete the WJIV Registration form found  under the Information tab at the bottom of the page.
We will contact you within 48 business hours to finalize the testing date and send an invoice.

Full payment by the due date (two weeks prior to testing) will confirm your appointment.